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Who are we?

The Ariel Netivim Group is an investment and holding company, privately owned by Haim and Nurit Ariel.  The Group is made up of a variety of projects and investments in different sectors and concentrates on developing new service enterprises and then selling them to major companies operating in the same field.  The company is also acting as a consultant in real estate management and real estate investments, developing international business and handling Mergers & Acquisitions.

Ariel Properties – Property Management Ltd.,(  is the oldest and  the largest in the field of property management and real estate services having an annual turnover of 350 million Shekels and with subsidiaries in five European countries..  As part of the Netivim Group it was sold to Electra Israel Ltd. in 2004. (

The Netivim Group is mainly engaged in developing innovative business in the areas of services with an aim to selling them after their consolidation.


The Ariel Netivim’s Group vision is to maximize the value for the investors, partners and employees by developing opportunities in “niche” markets.  The directors, affiliates and employees of the Group are also involved in community activities, whether in the private sector or within the group’s business activities at least 50% of their time.

The guiding principle of the group: Investment activities, professional service and quality while incorporating social values.

Haim Ariel



Haim Ariel is the Owner and Chairman of the Ariel Netivim Group.  He has managed companies for over 40 years in a variety of business sectors, although mainly in the field of real estate.  Haim is, and has been, a member of several boards of directors in companies and organizations in various fields of industry and construction. He is also involved in cultural organizations as well as activities for the disabled community which specifically deals with social enterprise and business development niches.

Mr. Ariel is serving as Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania in Israel and also serves as a representative of the Lithuanian Economic Development Authority – Enterprise Lithuania in Israel and under this framework is acting to strengthen economic ties between these countries.

In recent years he has also established a network of Social Enterprise companies in order to encourage employment and to generate jobs for people with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities.

Business Background

Since 2006 – Owner & Chairman of Ariel Netivim Investment Group.

During 2010 – Corporate Chairman of Electra’s service company, Electra Facility Management.

1991 – 2009 – Founder and Owner and then active Chairman of the Ariel Properties Group, the largest company in Israel and one of the world leaders in the management and operation of real estate with more than 3 million square meters of offices, thousands of housing units, 25 shopping malls, 60 parking lots etc. with subsidiaries in Germany, Latvia, Cyprus, Ukraine and others.

Previous Years

Seven years in various managerial jobs at Kitan Textiles – included organizational and personnel management and also management of the textile factory in Bet Shean.

Seven years managing Ytong Gas-Beton factories – quarries, limestone factories, factories producing Ytong blocks and Ytong prefabricated elements, as well as terrazzo flooring tiles.

Five years as CEO of the Construction & Prefab Companies in the Clal Group including, “Clal Building Systems” “Clal Concrete Products”"Concrete Modular Construction” and others.  Activities included production, marketing and constructing residential projects, industrial and public institutions throughout Israel.  This also included the development of innovative construction methods and establishing construction companies for the marketing and implementation of these methods.

Two years as Managing Director of “Azorim Properties” – an investment and enterprise real estate company under the Clal Group, the largest cooperation in Israel.  Initiating projects, Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Facilities Management, Property Management, Apartment Hotels, Senior Citizens Homes, Shopping Malls and Residential Areas etc.

Directorships & Boards of Directors besides the companies mentioned above

Business Activities

1988-1990       Director in several Clal companies in the construction segment.

1992-1995       Director at Hamadia Doors, the largest producer of wooden doors in Israel.

1995-1999       Director at Thermokir Co., – sealing, painting and isolation Products.

1994-1999       Director at Spancrete – the largest producer of prefabricated building elements in Israel

2000-2001       Director and Chairman of the Finance Committee of “Bezeq International”, the largest international telephone provider in Israel. Interim Chairman of the Board.

2001-2007       Director of “Africa Israel Industries Ltd.” (including Pecker Steel And Negev Ceramics) with activities both in Israel and Russia.

Community Activities outside of the Ariel Netivim Group

1998-2000      Member of the Executive Committee of the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

2010-2011      Board member on the “Friends of Ilan” organization – for people with disabilities.

Since 2010     Member of the National Council for the employment of people with disabilities (founded by Ra’anan Dinur) and also a member of                various Think Tanks regarding feedback to the government, industry and academia regarding the employment of people with disabilities.

2010-2011      Chairman of “Ecology for the Protected Community”.  This company recycles waste computers based on workers with cognitive                    disabilities.

Since 2011 – a member of the Round Table under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s office.  A national level forum which brings together representatives from the business and philanthropic world, non-profit organisations, and top level representatives of major governmental bodies in order to create broad-based strategy and cooperation.

Since 2012 – President of “Call Yachol” – which operates competitive Call Centers, whose clients are among the leading companies in Israel and which are primarily staffed by 150 persons, of which 80% are severely mentally and physically disabled employees.

Since 2012 – Committee member of “Shekel” NGO and Chairman since 2014 – which provides a range of community based services to children and adults with special needs.  Today, these services include the treatment and rehabilitation of approximately 8,000 people with various disabilities from all sectors of Israeli society. Shekel is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Israel committed to the inclusion of people with special needs within the wider community.