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Social Enterprises

The Ariel Netivim Group under the framework of “Ariel Netivim – Social Enterprises Ltd”   aims to encourage and create employment possibilities for people with disabilities.  This is done by creating business opportunities along the guidelines of Social Enterprise projects which maintain themselves and where all profits are kept for the benefit of the community.  This project allows the integration of people with disabilities to participate in the competitive job market and also gives them tools to succeed in managing an independent career.

Ariel Netivim Group

The Ariel Netivim Group operates in the area of investments and it’s professional and quality services incorporate social values and focuses on entrepreneurship and business development niches. The group has holdings and investments in a variety of sectors such as real-estate, consulting and planning for multi-purpose projects and asset management. Ariel Netivim is also developing international contacts, Acquisitions & Mergers and Social Enterprises.
The group was founded in 1991 by Mr. Haim Ariel, who has over 45 years of experience in the Israeli business world in general and in particular with the real-estate segment.

Haim Ariel

Haim Ariel is the Owner and Chairman of the Ariel Netivim Group.  As such, he is managing a wide number of companies in various business areas, and is also a director in a large number of companies and organizations both in the business and social enterprise sectors.  Mr. Ariel is serving as the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania and also acts as a representative of the Lithuanian Economic Development Authority – Enterprise Lithuania in Israel.