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Honorary Consul General, Republic of Lithuania


Mr. Haim Ariel was appointed Honorary Consul General of Lithuania in 2001 by the Presidents of Lithuania and Israel.

In his role as Honorary Consul, Haim is active in developing economic and trade relations and encouraging cooperation between the two countries and their people as well as developing cultural and political ties between the two countries.


Mr. Ariel also acts as the representative of the Lithuanian Economic Development Authority – Enterprise Lithuania.


Mr. Ariel was appointed a representative by the Government of Lithuania in 2002.  Since then he has handled a large number of investments and cooperations between Lithuanian and Israeli sectors.

As the Israeli representative of Enterprise Lithuania, Haim is in direct contact with government leaders and senior officials from the Treasury and Economic department and other government offices as well as municipalities.

Enterprise Lithuania is an organisation with over 10 years experience and is the official government body responsible for encouraging exports from Lithuania and commercial ties with other countries.

Enterprise  Lithuania has earned the trust of the international business community and it’s expertise lies in long-term relationships with Lithuanian exporters via international projects and local initiatives.  This organisation is also overseeing the center’s competitiveness, network capacity and exporters capabilities.

These sub-groups are influential, informative and knowledgable of the market in various Lithuanian industrial sectors.

Enterprise Lithuania is providing information on companies, goods and services in Lithuana.  Various sector consultants reply to direct enquiries without charge in order to assist in searching suitable local partners.