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Social Enterprises

The Ariel Netivim Group aims to integrate people with disabilities into the Israeli employment market by encouraging and creating employment opportunities, by establishing businesses in the form of Social Enterprise which are long term self-sufficient and for which all profits are kept for the benefit of the workers and the community.

These activities contribute to the integration of people with disabilities and gives them the tools to manage an independent career.


The unique characteristics of this organisation:

  • Activities are carried out on an economic business basis allowing the company to support itself and to even generate profits which are used for benefiting the organization.
  • No distribution of profits, fees or salaries to shareholders and steering team.
  • No possibility of selling the company and its activities even when profits are declared.
  • Shareholders and Board members have refused to allow themselves the option of changing these sections of the Articles.

Ariel Netivim – Social Enterprise Ltd., works to realize its objectives in three ways:

Firstly:  by creating businesses where the majority of the employees are people with disabilities and entering into business partnership with agencies and business organizations and/or encouraging and creating jobs for people with disabilities.

Secondly:  specific activities designed exclusively for people with disabilities and individual care in placement of professionals.

Thirdly:  A high amount of administrative and organizational support for corporate entities that are engaged in social enterprise and related activities for people with disabilities –

  • Administrative and corporate support for existing business and new businesses.
  • Creating means and methods to promote the employment of people with disabilities in the regular job market.
  • Wide activity in the various ways and methods applied to this population group.

Amongst the various projects, we are collaborating with:

5    An extensive placement service for disabled persons, with an emphasis on those with a defined profession

detection,integration, access to work.

מלרז                      (Council to prevent noise and pollution) Recycling of all sorts of paper products collected from shopping malls, office buildings and universities. Employs primarily cognitive impaired persons.

mikud                      Information desks in office buildings and shopping malls in conjunction with Mikud Security Corporation.  Employs mostly mentally handicapped persons.

arielogo copy                               Nowadays, Ariel Netivim Services is involved with an outsourcing companies that provide a response to concerned employers regarding direct employment of people with disabilities.

dooinggoog Logo_300dpi

Search Engine Optimization services and social media handling for small and medium size businesses.

A Business Venture of internet and social networks promotion for a variety of clients.

This venture is lead by SEO professional and experienced experts from Box Co.Il who have practical experience and proven success, and is based primarily on professionals with disabilities.


Call Yachol (call centers)

Since 2008, Call Yachol has been operating a call-center staffed primarily by severely disabled previously unemployed individuals.

Call Yachol is a fast growing outsourcing call-center whose clients are among the leading companies in Israel and where 80% of the 150 persons work force and management team are people with disabilities.
Haim Ariel serves as Call Yachol’s President.

לוגו שקל חדש


Since its’ establishment in 1979, SHEKEL is a leading Israeli non-profit organisation providing rehabilitation and integration community-based services to children and adults with special needs.
SHEKEL believes in giving people with special needs opportunities they need to advance and realize their full potential, in terms of independence, personal growth and contribution to the wider community.
SHEKEL works with all sectors of Israeli society in every area of its work, bringing Jewish, Moslem and Christian clients and professionals together in a positive forward-thinking way. Since its inception, SHEKEL has been a trail-blazer in creating viable alternatives to the limiting options of living in institutions – giving people with disabilities the opportunity to grow and flourish as vital contributing members of Israeli society.

SHEKEL is also active in areas like Living in the Community, Trauma Centers, Protected Employment, College and Courses.

SHEKEL’s 550 professionals and 700 volunteers, provide a continuum of services which directly serve 8,000 children and adults, and impact the lives of tens of thousands of people from all sectors of society, allowing people with special needs to live meaningful fulfilling lives.


Regulatory Actions, Think Tanks and Steering Committees

The field of commercial social work, (known in most countries as Social Enterprise), promotes social causes that are commercial in character and which includes the use of market forces to creat income.

The existing Social Enterprises activities in Israel can be divided into three main categories:

  • Non-profit Social Enterprises organisations designed to produce income without the assistance of philanthropic or business sources..
  • Use of business strategies within the framework of Social Enterprise organisations as above.
  • Social Enterprise organisations usually established as a private company, and business orientated to promote social causes.

Social Enterprise companies, are companies that state their commitments to achieving results both in the community and the business sector.  These businesses are not driven by the desire to achieve maximum profit but are aimed at achieving double bottom lines, profits and community goals, simultaneously.  What sets these businesses apart is their intention of promoting social causes through their own organisational structure but without requiring donations.  In this way these types of companies are creating new sources of funding for social enterprise in Israel.

The uniqueness of Social Enterprises versus Non-Profit organisations does not depend on the type of corporation but rather the community commitment of the business where there are two equally important “bottom lines” :

The creation of income resulting from business activity

Promoting the end social aim for which the business was established.

As part of the company’s activities in this area, Haim Ariel is a partner in the Round Table Interface which is managed by the Prime Minister’s office.  This is the first time in Israel where there has been a framework engaged in strethening and promoting dialogue between the various sectors of Israeli society, government, business sector and community.  He is also a member in most think tanks and development committes in Israel regarding the employment of people with disabilities and integrating them into society.